Wynn Traffic Updates

Dear Wynn For All Community,
The following is planned roadway improvement work associated with the opening of Wynn Boston Harbor. These activities should have minimal impact on traffic. Significant road and sidewalk construction is anticipated to start late winter/early spring of 2018.

Thanksgiving Week of Monday, November 20, 2017:
Please note that no work will be done on roadways from noon on Wednesday, November 22nd through Sunday, November 26th due to the Thanksgiving holiday. All work locations and durations are subject to weather impact.

Sullivan Square

Where - Work will begin along New Rutherford Ave southbound, towards downtown from the Sullivan Square Rotary. 

Actions - The work will include the installation of traffic signal conduit in the roadway from the Sullivan Square Rotary to Austin Street.
Impact - The proposed work zones will reduce travel lane widths, but will not close any existing travel lanes.

Route 16 - No work will be done on Route 16 due to the holiday

Alford Street/Broadway (Route 99)

Where -  Preliminary site investigations will continue on Alford Street/Broadway at various locations.

Actions - It is anticipated that this work will consist of small areas of work that may require a partial occupation of lanes within temporary work zones for short durations.
Impact - The anticipated duration of this work is approximately 1 (one) week.

For detailed work and project information, please visit our Wynn for All site. 

Please share this advisory with anyone you think may be interested in the project and encourage them to sign up for email traffic alerts at http://www.wynnforall.com/mailing-list/

For any questions or comments, please contact John Tocco, Executive Director of Government Relations, at 857-770-7000 or by email at roads@wynnbostonharbor.com.  

Thank you, 
Wynn For All