Broadway Bus Lane to be come permanent next week!

Nothing makes a situation more permanent then paint! Mayor DeMaria announced that the city would begin stripping the dedicated bus lane on Broadway next week, making what has been a pilot program into something that is now permanent. Since installing the bus lane , trips are now shorter by four to eight minutes for Broadway's 10,000 bus riders and we have also saved car drivers time because buses no longer block traffic. 

State Transportation Commissioner Stephanie Pollack has called our bus lane, a model for similiar projects in traffic-snarled areas. We are now preparing to replace the cones on Boradway with painted bus lanes, turning our pop-up bus lane into something a little more permanent!


For the past nine months every morning cones have been places along the inbound parking lane of Broadway from 5am to 9am. Now with painted bus lanes it will denote that the lane is reserved for buses!

It is suppose to take a week or two weeks to get it all done but it could happen a lot more quickly than that! -- Everett Indepenent