Everett native showcases their sand sculpture at Revere Beach!

Deb Barrett-Cutulle, Everett native has a background in illustration, which has transferred nicely to sculpting in sand.

Before she begins a sculpture she draws it out. Then it is on to her sandboxes, one in her backyard and one tabletop version. The key is in the sculpture's eye. 
"Most sculptors have an artistic background, but some people just fall into it." Cutulle tells the Everett Independent. 

Each site fo ra sculpture on the beach has 10 TONS of sand to work with! After putting hours of work to sculpt something in sand, Cutulle said you get accustomed to having your art knocked down.

Taking a photograph afterwards is the only lasting impression of the sculpture.

Cutulle is Board Member of the Everett Chamber Ray Lepore's niece !