Bike Sharing System Update!


On Thursday, June 22nd Mayor Carlo DeMaria was pleased to announce that the Massachusetts Gaming Commission voted unanimously to grant the city $150,000 to establish a bike share system in Everett. Bike sharing is a program for point-to-point trips providing users with bicycles at any  self-serve bike-station and allows users to return bikes to any other station located within  the system's service area. Mayor DeMaria stated, “This will complement our plans to extend the bike path so that our residents and others can enjoy a safe, continuous, and quick ride into Boston via bicycle, and our work with Wynn to build a footbridge from Everett to Assembly Row to create connectivity and good transit access between the cities.” One of the top priorities for the DeMaria administration has been the health and wellness of our residents and providing more flexible and affordable commuter options. By brining in bike infrastructure and app-based technology, our residents will not only have a healthier and faster commute, but they can also take advantage of the beautiful Northern Strand Community Trail for recreation. Even those who do not and cannot afford a bicycle can take advantage of the trail. Mayor DeMaria envisions a network of interconnection between Everett, Boston, and other surrounding communities so residents and visitors can travel easily between them, and a city where active transportation like biking is easy and attractive, and cars are a thing of the past.