"Crimson Tide Football Wins State Title" By Sadiq Shiek ‘17


  The Crimson Tide Football team capped off their storytale season with a victory against one of their biggest division rivals, Xaverian. The game was a rematch of the 2014 final where Everett came up on the losing side. The Crimson Tide had not won a title since 2012 and had come up short several times over the past few years.

  The story was different this time, though, as Everett walked away with a 21-7 victory against Xaverian on a cold, windy day at Manning Field in Lynn.

   Everett was quick to dominate the game early on as Sainristil put Everett on the board. Sainristil, along with Chris Jenkins, David Zorrilla, and others made strong moves for the Tide. Everett dominated the game, especially on defense, which only conceded points in the last quarter of the game. It was a thrilling performance and game for all of the people out there for the Crimson Tide.

 The coaches and all the players involved worked tirelessly in the summer heat to sharpen their skills. As the season progressed, key players showed their skills and great development. Notable players such as senior quarterback Jordan McAfee, sophomore receiver Mike Sainristil, senior running back Marvens Fedna, junior receiver Anthony Norcia, senior R.J Fialli, junior David Zorrilla, senior Mike Smith, senior Theo Zidor, and many other players produced many stellar performances and actions throughout their time with the Crimson Tide football team.

  Quarterback Jordan McAfee finished off his illustrious high school career going 11 for 21, with 214 yards passing, and 2 touchdowns. Sainristil had 4 catches, 87 yards, and an acrobatic grab in the 4th quarter.

  McAfee was ecstatic and extremely proud of all of his teammates and his time with the Crimson Tide. “It feels amazing,” McAfee told the Boston Globe. “People were doubting us but we proved them wrong.”

  Coach DiBiaso was extremely proud of all of the players hard work over the years and in this past season. “There’s no selfishness on this team,” DiBiaso told the Boston Globe. “I’m happy for the seniors, happy for the community, happy for everybody.”

  The players have worked very hard over the past years to give the city of Everett something great to celebrate going into the holiday season. As Everett continues the celebrations to close off this stellar season, the team looks on to the next group to continue Everett’s legacy of great football teams, players, and an amazing coaching staff.   

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