Wynn Boston Harbor Everett Update!

As of March 29, 2017

The Wynn Boston Harbor took the last bucket of soil out of the hole and off the site - 500,000 tons removed!

"Lots of hard work to clean up a very dirty site. Construction is well underway and you have not even seen the tower starting to rise from the ground yet!" John Tocco

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“EHS Main Office Secretaries: The Key to the Building” By Sarah Dasilva ‘19


 From paperwork to phone calls, there is little doubt that without our cooperative secretaries--Linda Maloney, Kathleen Fauci, Marina Hanlon (in photo, from left to right)--our school would be chaos.

  They are in charge of just about everything about the school, including keeping track of student information, funds, and school activities.

  “They’re the key to the building,” said Principal Erick Naumann.

“EHS Senior George Clark Runs His Own Record Label. Really.” by Dylan Snyder (Alum '16)

Senior George Clark is a man of many talents.  He’s a rapper, a producer, a pianist, a drummer, a recording artist, a writer of his own music, and a student of the Berklee College of Music City Program.  He also already has his own label called GEMCE.

  Clark’s journey with music first began at the age of five when he took piano lessons. He has been performing since the age of eight.

  “I felt it was in me,” Clark said, explaining his interest in music. “It’s expression. It’s my voice and my responsibility to speak through my music.”

In loving memory of Ella Jade O'Donnell

It is with deep sadness that after 11 months of courageously fighting brain cancer, Ella O’Donnell passed away on Friday, November 4, 2016.   

  10-year-old Ella fought through one of the worst diseases of all time, and kept a brave smile on her face the whole time while undergoing treatments.

  “My daughter was awesome, so full of energy, so full of life,” said former EHS resource officer and current EPD Officer Dennis O’Donnell.

  The memory of Ella O’Donnell will be in the hearts of many forever. Ella was a courageous, beautiful soul who had a great love and passion for dance.

"Teens in Everett fight back against substance abuse" by Sarah Dasilva '19

Looking for a good club to join this year? Teens in Everett Against Substance Abuse, aka TEASA, is the club for you.
  TEASA is a community-based youth club for students who attend schools in Everett and want to make a difference within the community. The club focuses on issues regarding the effects of substance abuse. TEASA encourages the youth of our community to use their voices to fight against the effects and dangers of alcohol and substance abuse.

"Crimson Tide Football Wins State Title" By Sadiq Shiek ‘17


  The Crimson Tide Football team capped off their storytale season with a victory against one of their biggest division rivals, Xaverian. The game was a rematch of the 2014 final where Everett came up on the losing side. The Crimson Tide had not won a title since 2012 and had come up short several times over the past few years.

  The story was different this time, though, as Everett walked away with a 21-7 victory against Xaverian on a cold, windy day at Manning Field in Lynn.

“Bon Appetit! 25 Years Later, Chef Makredes and the Culinary Arts Program Continues to Impress and Inspire” By Janelle Christopher ‘18

Every time you walk into the culinary arts department, you can expect to see busy students preparing meals for upcoming Kiwanis or Rotary Club luncheons, or simply sharpening their cooking skills.

  The culinary department serves many functions in their dining room, which is called the Crimson Cafe. Culinary also provides food for many other occasions, including the EHS Scholarship Awards, The E Awards, and sports teams’ special events.

Chamber Chatter - Paris Street Gallery

Chamber Chatter has returned! And in this latest episode, host Carol Churchill, visits Paris Street Gallery - an art studio located at 101 Paris Street in Everett, MA. It's a sophisticated, creative and artsy environment that invites anyone and everyone to the gallery for shows, entertainment, sheer interest and so much more. Check out this exciting interview and learn more about what Paris Street Gallery has to offer in our City!

Carol Churchill

Alvin Colon


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