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"Crew season off to great start" By Fabian Correia ‘17


  The first race of the day was the varsity boys’ 4-boat. Fortunately, they held a second place lead during the whole course, finishing strong behind Greater Lawrence. The varsity girls’ first 8-boat had the same result—finishing very close behind Lawrence. During their race, one of the rowers caught a crab and it hindered them from achieving first place but they were able to recover from it quickly and lessen the gap between their boat and Greater Lawrence’s.   

“Tide freshman softball team defeat Malden in season opener” By Hailey Seward ‘20



 Malden vs Everett finished with a 9-7 score. Everett’s win was a good start to kickoff the season.

   Ashley Yebba is one of the pitchers for the freshman team. The first inning they scored six runs so they were forced to switch pitchers. Everett got one run before switching again, “we managed to keep them at six runs when we kept gaining runs as the game went on,” Freshman catcher Elizabeth Peach said. Everett ended up winning 9 to 7.

  “We overall worked good together and found a way to come back,” freshman Odalis Landavere said.

"Flips and tricks and elephant puppets--oh my! The Crimson Times checks out Circus 1903 at the Wang Theatre” By Fernanda Vidal ‘19

 Circus 1903 is a family friendly show that brings a fun spin on the classic circus. The abundantly talented cast came from all four corners of the world, bringing their culture with them on stage. Two-thirds of the cast have never even seen America before.

  Circus 1903 takes the phrase “Life is like a circus” seriously, cracking jokes and showing the children in the audience that life is meant to be filled with curiosity and strange talents. Watching the two hour show, you can see how much hard work and time was put into each performance. The elegance that is brought to the stage is immense.

"Charismatic young actors make Annie a must-see" by Amera Lila '20

Although there have been many renditions of the original Annie, the live version definitely swept the stage at the Wang Theatre on May 10.

  The two hour show consisted of extremely charismatic actors and actresses which all fit their role perfectly.

  Angelina Carballo playing the lead role of Annie summed up the bright and quirky character entirely while Erin Fish managed to capture the villain that Miss Hannigan is. The rest of the cast took the stage by storm and overall made the show a wonderful experience for anyone, regardless if they have seen the movie or not.

“EHS Main Office Secretaries: The Key to the Building” By Sarah Dasilva ‘19


 From paperwork to phone calls, there is little doubt that without our cooperative secretaries--Linda Maloney, Kathleen Fauci, Marina Hanlon (in photo, from left to right)--our school would be chaos.

  They are in charge of just about everything about the school, including keeping track of student information, funds, and school activities.

  “They’re the key to the building,” said Principal Erick Naumann.

“EHS Senior George Clark Runs His Own Record Label. Really.” by Dylan Snyder (Alum '16)

Senior George Clark is a man of many talents.  He’s a rapper, a producer, a pianist, a drummer, a recording artist, a writer of his own music, and a student of the Berklee College of Music City Program.  He also already has his own label called GEMCE.

  Clark’s journey with music first began at the age of five when he took piano lessons. He has been performing since the age of eight.

  “I felt it was in me,” Clark said, explaining his interest in music. “It’s expression. It’s my voice and my responsibility to speak through my music.”

In loving memory of Ella Jade O'Donnell

It is with deep sadness that after 11 months of courageously fighting brain cancer, Ella O’Donnell passed away on Friday, November 4, 2016.   

  10-year-old Ella fought through one of the worst diseases of all time, and kept a brave smile on her face the whole time while undergoing treatments.

  “My daughter was awesome, so full of energy, so full of life,” said former EHS resource officer and current EPD Officer Dennis O’Donnell.

  The memory of Ella O’Donnell will be in the hearts of many forever. Ella was a courageous, beautiful soul who had a great love and passion for dance.

"Teens in Everett fight back against substance abuse" by Sarah Dasilva '19

Looking for a good club to join this year? Teens in Everett Against Substance Abuse, aka TEASA, is the club for you.
  TEASA is a community-based youth club for students who attend schools in Everett and want to make a difference within the community. The club focuses on issues regarding the effects of substance abuse. TEASA encourages the youth of our community to use their voices to fight against the effects and dangers of alcohol and substance abuse.


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